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We are in desperate need of Foster homes and Forever homes for these dogs.

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or call Palmer Singleton at 404 879 1515 or 404 622 0025.


Ch. Nomarak's Deep Powder (Baby Bear)
Habersham County

This girl was taken during a home invasion in Rex, Georgia, last September.  She hasn't been seen since.

Baby Bear is a wolf grey Alaskan malamute, intact, weighing about 75#.  Baby Bear was whelped June, 1996, but looks considerably younger.

If you see or learn anything about Baby Bear please contact us immediately.  A reward is offered for information leading to her location.  No questions asked.



Habersham County

This female Siberian Husky was found wandering the first week of August 2008 in the Locust Grove area of Henry County south of Atlanta. She had a collar on but no tags and she is not chipped.

This girl is young, under 3, and weighs over 60#. She has a sweet disposition toward people and other dogs.

If you have ever seen this girl before, or know anything about her owner, please contact Palmer Singleton at 404 622 0025.




This guy will turn three this summer. Max is most likely a mal-sibe cross. He needs to be housetrained and to learn basic obedience. Max is currently living with a golden and a dachshund and doing well at least while under supervision.

Max will be neutered and most likely undergo heartworm treatment before he is permanently placed. Max is with his current owner in Newton County, Georgia, until someone else can help him.


This is an Alaskan Malamute male (neutered) whelped in 2004. Buster is seal and white and weighs a tad under 140#. He has been to McDonald's a few too many times and by this winter Buster will be weighing in at around 120#.

Buster is an owner surrender. He has an easy disposition and knows basic obedience. Buster is not dog or people aggressive, but like so many northerns, he does need to be reigned in around other dogs from time to time, especially other males. Buster is heartworm negative and once he gets that weight off Buster will be in good medical shape.


Female, long hair, large, very vocal, and always the boss. I'm really very sweet but my size scares people, and the fact that I am so vocal makes people think I'm agressive, I'm really not!


This two year-old female is located in south Georgia. She weighs 55lbs., is neutered, and heartworm negative. Her prior history is unknown. She is getting along with all the other dogs where she is at. Most likely, she is an Alaskan Malamute or a Siberian cross.


This 3 year old, male, neutered, Sibe/Mal mix, is 59.5 lbs., with beautiful brown eyes. Great health, friendly with people, and extreamly active. Loves to run and play. We have him in with Ipiktok and they just love each other. He's a kisser too!

Small and Petite.

Ipiktok (E-pik-took)

Beautiful bi-eyed, male, nutered, Sibe/Mal mixed, is keen and sharpe. Bubbly personality, great health, wonderful thick coat, one brown eye-one blue eye, 5 years old, and at 71 lbs., will play all day.

Very active, and people friendly. Loves to be loved on. He's a kisser!

Coweta County

Alaskan Malamute female. Seal and white 60#. She was whelped in the summer of 2006. She was found stray in Coweta County.

This girl has a heart of gold. She appears housetrained and is heartworm negative. While she has no obedience training, she is very responsive to people. She also loves to be groomed. She does have normal prey drive.


This is an Alaskan Malamute male (neutered) who was whelped 12-3-05. Vince weighs 90#, is up to date on his vaccinations, is heartworm negative, and on preventative.

Like all mals, Vince would benefit from basic obedience work. He has a typical and solid mal disposition.


This is a growing Alaskan Malamute male pup. He was whelped in 2007 and is about a year old. Ringo is already 55#. He is heartworm negative. Ringo needs basic training and is in a kennel situation. Ringo will be neutered and fully vetted prior to placement.


There are two of these guys. They are under a year old. They are littermates and will be neutered and fully vetted before placement. There is no problem adopting one or both. They are located in south Georgia but transportation is available.


This is an Alaskan Malamute male, possibly crossed with some sibe, but all mal at heart. Takeda is an old and wonderful guy. His owner surrendered him due to a divorce.

Takeda weighs about 65# and is gaining much needed weight. He is up to date on all vaccines and is heartworm free and on preventative. Takeda has been neutered.

Takeda is house broken and favors a crate. He is definitely a house dog and needs to be because he is terror struck of storms. Takeda has no obedience work, but does listen. He has normal prey drive.

Takeda's temperament is hard to describe. When he first came Takeda was very aloof and non-responsive to people, especially men. He was very good with the other dogs, pretty much minding his own business, but enjoys being near and with others of his own kind. Toward humans, however, Takeda has learned it is better to avoid contact with them. In just a couple of weeks Takeda has come out of his shell quite a bit. It will be a joy to watch him shed his old doubts.

This grand old man deserves and needs a great home.


This female Alaskan malamute was whelped in 1999. Mickey weighs 120lbs. She has been with the same family since she was two, but needs a new home because the family recently lost their house. Mickey has always been an outside dog, but there is no reason she can't be housetrained. Mickey also needs to learn basic obedience and would benefit from an nothing-in-life-is-free regime.

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Howling Dog Rescue, Inc. offers a safe haven to northern breed dogs that have been abandoned. The organization is dedicated to meeting the needs of malamute and sibe crosses, (and their friends), who are in need of rehoming. The Georgia affiliate of the Alaskan Malamute Assistance League cares for registered Alaskan Malamutes or dogs that conform to the breed standard of the Alaskan Malamute Club of America.

Individuals who are familiar with mals and other northern breeds should contact Howling Dog Rescue, Inc. and the Georgia affiliate of AMAL through this website. Those in search of animals should indicate their experience and what they are looking for.

Howling Dog Rescue, Inc. and the Georgia affiliate of AMAL are also in need of experienced volunteers who are able to offer temporary or long term placement for these animals. Individuals willing to work with particular dogs on training and grooming are also welcome. So, too, are individuals able to sponsor specific dogs or who are willing to underwrite rescue medical costs and day to day maintenance expenses.

Howling Dog Rescue, Inc. and the Georgia affiliate of AMAL subscribe to the principles, values and standards of AMAL, the Alaskan Malamute HELP League and Sleddog Rescue. Interested individuals are encouraged to familiarize themselves with each of these organizations.

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